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FastTrack™ 385 Kayak

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The SEA EAGLE FastTrack™ 385 features a sharper, narrower, tapered bow for faster entry through wind, waves, and current. Now with a new patented, state-of-the-art external, rigid, inflatable NeedleKnife™ Keel for a faster, smoother paddling experience! 

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Top, Front & Side Views

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Key Features

Removable Slide in Skeg Removable Slide in Skeg

A nice feature of this design is that the skeg can be removed with the kayak inflated or deflated. This may come in handy in shallow waters or in river currents. On flat-water, the skeg reduces yaw (swinging to the right or left). This increases track-ability during long flat-water touring, maximizing efficiency.

Super Rigid Drop Stitch Floor On Top Of Outside Floor Super Rigid Drop Stitch Floor On Top Of Outside Floor

The unique modular design of the SEA EAGLE FastTrack™ features a super-rigid, high-pressure, drop-stitch floor that sits on top of an outside floor. This has several advantages. The high-pressure DS floor provides great rigidity and rigid hull like performance. The reinforced outside fabric floor provides a double layer of added protection where it's most needed. The modular design allows the DS floor to be easily removed for quick and thorough cleaning.

Sleek Asymmetrical Shape Sleek Asymmetrical Shape

The FastTrack's sleek asymmetrical shape is tapered and narrow at the bow while being wider at the stern. This allows the FastTrack™ to punch through waves faster and easier because of the narrower bow while providing buoyancy where most needed; where paddlers sit.

Sea Eagle's Patented NeedleKnife™ Rigid Inflatable Keel Sea Eagle's Patented NeedleKnife™ Rigid Inflatable Keel

The unique external drop-stitch inflatable keel allows the FastTrack™ to paddle far faster and straighter than other inflatable kayaks. The keel features sharp bow and stern molds that slice through waves and current for a super-fast, super-clean entry and exit! The inflatable keel also provides the buoyancy and lift needed to ride over waves and further improve speed. (U.S. Patent #8,286,573 2)

385FTK Standard Features

  • 2 High capacity self-bailing drain valves
  • Front & rear spray skirts with storage below and elastic rope lacing for additional storage above
  • Separate inner High-Pressure Drop Stitch floor for greater rigidity
  • Large removable, swept back skeg at rear to control yaw and improve speed
  • Outside drop stitch high pressure keel at bow for true tracking
  • 18 D-rings to secure seats and gear
  • State-of-the-art NeedleKnife Keel
  • Bow and Stern grab handles
  • Hull material resistant to sun & saltwater
  • Nylon carry bag, repair kit
  • NMMA Certified
Model SizeExteriorInteriorDeflatedTubeWeight (kg)CapacityAir PressureSetup TimeEngine Capacity

FastTrack™ 385 (385FT)

381 x 91 cm 353 x 43 cm 64 x 46 x 20 cm 24 cm 15.9 288 kg (2 adults) 3.2 psi (22 kPa) 7 min 34 lb thrust electric motor (15 lb/7 kg max weight)


Engine Capacity 34 lb thrust electric motor (15 lb/7 kg max weight)
Chambers 4 (Port, Starboard, Keel & Floor)
Air Valves Recessed One Way
Material 1100 Decitex (1000 Denier)
Seam Quadruple Overlap
Tube Dimensions 24 cm
Whitewater Rating Suitable up to Class II


FastTrack™ - Manual

Owner’s Manual FastTrack™ Kayaks

Download (1.73M)

Package Details

Deluxe SoloFastTrack™ 385ft Kayak (Deluxe Solo)

This package comes with one inflatable Deluxe Kayak Seats and one four-part packable AB30 paddles.

This Deluxe Solo Package Includes:

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DeluxeFastTrack™ 385ft Kayak (Deluxe)

Two's company when it comes to having fun! This package comes with two inflatable Deluxe Kayak Seats and two four-part packable AB30 paddles.

This Deluxe Package Includes:

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ProFastTrack™ 385ft Kayak (Pro)

The Pro Package features Tall Back Seats with contoured seat bases and wraparound sides to provide jet pilot, cockpit style seating, and higher performance 250 cm long AB40 aluminum paddles.

This Pro Package Includes:

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Pro CarbonFastTrack™ 385ft Kayak (Pro Carbon)

Our Pro Carbon Kayak package features everything in the Pro Package plus upgraded top-end Carbon-Fiber Paddles.

This Pro Carbon Package Includes:

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David D


The 385ft FastTrack is wonderful!!! I have now had mine for 5 weeks and have had it out a dozen times on a large lake. The boat tracks well and is a breeze to paddle. With its 635 pound carrying capacity my wife and I can easily take the boat out without any problem. The disadvantage of inflatables is that they are impacted by winds more than rigid kayaks since the inflatable sits higher in the water. But the 385ft is incredibly stable, very hard to turn over. I had a race with a rigid white water kayak and I won!!


Gail Tetrault


Easier to paddle than the older 385ft it replaced, and I like the fact that it doesn't have seams to fail like that older boat

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