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  • Deluxe Inflatable Seat

    Deluxe Inflatable Kayak Seat. A great inflatable seat that provides extra back support for paddling, rowing or fishing. Allows you to sit 5" (13 cm) off the floor with 14" (35.6 cm) of back support. Works in all of our kayaks.

  • Tall Back Seat (TBS)

    Tall Back Kayak Seat latches securely to the D-rings on many of our Sea Eagle kayaks. Provides great back support and has a built-in zipper pouch on the back for storage.

  • Thigh Straps for Explorer Kayaks (Set of 2)

    Adjustable thigh straps give you more stability in rough whitewater or ocean conditions. They also help transfer the force of paddling to the water, improving speed and reducing fatigue. Fits all Explorer Kayaks.  Set of two: adjustable 53~140 cm

  • Middle Wood/Web Seat (TC16)

    The tapered shape of this ash wood seat fits perfectly into the 2020 or newer Travel Canoe. Comfortable seating that conforms to you for a more traditional canoeing experience.