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Rugged "Roll Up" Runabouts

The great advantage of these boats is their lightweight to size ratio, which increases stow-ability and reduces overall hull weight by nearly 25%. This is achieved by using inflatable drop stitch floors which also reduces your storage footprint by 50% because you no longer have to deal with wooden or aluminum floorboards. Sea Eagle's Runabouts make excellent tender boats which can be easily carried in an RV or SUV or stowed below deck of a larger boat.

These tough, rugged inflatable boats offer a choice of a high-pressure inflatable drop stitch floor or rigid, molded plastic floorboards (depending on the package). The high-pressure inflatable drop stitch floor makes the boat lighter, easier to setup, less expensive to motor, and far more portable. While the rigid molded plastic floorboards are virtually unbreakable.

Sport Runabouts are great all around boats for fishing, skin-diving or just plain running about.

Best For:

  • Fishing
  • Ocean
  • Bays

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