Swept-back Removable Rear Skeg Expand

Slide-in Skeg (Swept-back)

Sea Eagle




The Swept-back, removable slide-in skeg keeps your Sea Eagle Kayak as straight and true as the large slide-in skeg, but does not get hung up on weeds! It also allows you to paddle in shallower waters (17.8 cm).

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Supplier: Sea Eagle Japan (Kansai)
Shipped from Kansai, delivered in 2-3 days

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¥5,200 (tax included)

Product Details

  • Swept-back, removable slide-in skeg (17.8 cm deep)

  • Lock in place key with securing leash

Made for Stand-Up Paddle Boards, FastTrack™, RazorLite™,  and Explorer kayaks.

*Note: your craft must have the grooved base plate to accommodate a slide-in skeg



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