How to Follow the Instructions:

As you watch the video, you can read the main points below. There are also photos and video caption times to help you keep your place. PAUSE and PLAY as you go.

  1. (0:20) Unpack and unroll your kayak on a flat surface.
  2. (0:33) FastTrack Kayaks have 4 recessed air valves: One for each pontoon, one for the floor, and one for the keel.
  3. (0:40) Remove the cap and press and turn the valve stem a ¼ turn to the left until it pops up. It is now ready to retain air. (Since this is a one-way valve, air can go in but not come out. When the valve is in the down position, air can go in and out) 
  4. (0:58) Screw the threaded end of the hose into the OUT port of the foot pump.
  5. (1:05) Put the recessed valve adaptor in the other end of the hose (You’ll find it in the orange repair kit).
  6. (1:16) Place the hose adaptor into the valve. Turn to the right until it’s tight.
  7. (1:20~1:43) Before inflating, check that the floor placement is correct. In the stern of the FastTrack, the floor cutout should be over the drain valve. Also, tuck the floor under the pontoons. This will improve the chine of your FastTrack. The chine improves your tracking .
  8. (1:50) The working pressure of FastTrack Kayaks is 3.2 PSI (22 Kpa). Only use Sea Eagle approved pumps. Never use an air compressor.
  9. (2:00) The A41 pump maxes out at 3.2 PSI (22 kPa), so you don’t need to worry about over-inflating your boat. Pump until it is too difficult to continue, and you have reached 3.2 PSI (22 kPa).
  10. (2:15) First, pump up the floor, then the side pontoons, and finally the keel. If you are worried about floor placement, pump up the floor and pontoons to ~75% pressure and then make sure the floor cutout is over the drain valve and that it is tucked under the pontoons. Then pump to full pressure.
  11. (2:22~2:52) Sea Eagle also has electric pumps (special order)
  12. (3:00~5:20) Sea Eagle also has a Motor-mount kit made for FastTracks (special order)
  13. (5:21) Make sure the floor is fully tucked under the pontoons as this will affect the chine of the FastTrack. Then fully inflate the floor and pontoons to full pressure.
  14. (5:48) If you have DKS (Deluxe Kayak Seats), install the valve bodies onto the valve base. Put the retaining rings over the valve base.
    1. You only need to do this once.
    2. Hint: put the valve body with the retaining ring in warm water for a few minutes to make the plastic softer and easier to put on the valve base.
  15. (6:00) Remove the recessed valve adaptor and replace it with the triple adaptor.
  16. (6:28) Inflate the seat until it’s firm.
  17. (6:40) Clip the seat straps to the D-rings on the pontoons. The DKS seats have 2 straps.
  18. (6:55) All Sea Eagle seats can be repositioned to your liking.
  19. (7:05) The TBS (Tall Back Seats) have 4 straps: Two connect to the front D-rings and two connect to the back D-rings. Adjust as you like.
  20. (7:30) 4-Part Paddle: There are 2 blades, 2 drip guards, and 2 shaft sections.
  21. (7:50) Take the shaft section with 3 pre-drilled holes on one end and one hole at the other end. At the end with one hole, slide on a drip guard and then attach a paddle blade. Repeat with the other shaft, drip guard and paddle blade.
  22. (8:20) Assemble the two shafts. There are 3 positions for feathering.
  23. (8:40~9:20) In order to make a really nice chine, which helps the kayak’s tracking ability, hit the floor of the FastTrack with your fist from the inside of the kayak.
  24. (9:20) The removable skeg improves performance on flat water. Not to be used on whitewater rivers. Slide the skeg into the skeg base and clip.
  25. * The skeg can be installed when the kayak is inflated or deflated, unlike other inflatable kayaks. 
  26. (9:42) FastTrack Unique Features: Patented external inflatable keel – The front end slices through wind, waves and water; the back end reduces friction by releasing the energy from the front. This adds speed when paddling.
  27. (10:12) Chine – The FastTrack has 2 pronounced chines that the full length of the kayak.
  28. (10:25) Large removable skeg
  29. (10:36) Packing up the FastTrack: Release the locking clip on the large skeg and slide it forward to take it off.
  30. (10:50) To deflate, remove the valve caps and push and turn the valve stem ¼ turn to the right.  Make sure your eyes and face are not directly over the valve.
  31. (11:27) Once the air is out, roll the kayak from back to front. You can leave the TBS seats attached or remove. Either way is OK.
  32. (11:40) Keep your skeg base flat as you roll the kayak.
  33. (11:50) The kayak and all the accessories can fit in the Kayak Carry Bag that comes with each package. 

Have fun paddling in your new Sea Eagle kayak!