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All the Accessories for your Sea Eagle Boat that you need. Whether it be a more convenient bag to carry your boat in, a more comfortable seat, a foot rest for your kayak, or fishing accessories. You should find everything you need here. For items listed in the catalog or items that cannot be ordered from the online shop (, please contact the following customer service.

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  • AB30 (220 cm, 1.2 kg, 4-Part Paddle)

    This double ended asymetrical paddle is great for all our kayak and paddleboard models. The paddle features an aluminum shaft with Fibrylon blades. It has a 65 degree feather capability and snap lock buttons to disconnect into 4 parts. 

  • AB40 (250 cm, 1.3 kg, 4-Part Paddle)

    The asymmetrical spoon blade design of this Kayak paddle allows for smooth entries and an even pull, maximizing the power from your stroke. It requires less gripping force and less effort per stroke.

  • AB50 (244 cm, 1 kg, 2-Part Paddle)

    The Featherweight AB50 at 1 kg is a double ended paddle with a Carbon-Fiberglass shaft and asymmetrical spoon blades. This super strong paddle has great balance and allows kayakers to paddle longer distances.

  • Deluxe Inflatable Seat

    Deluxe Inflatable Kayak Seat. A great inflatable seat that provides extra back support for paddling, rowing or fishing. Allows you to sit 5" (13 cm) off the floor with 14" (35.6 cm) of back support. Works in all of our kayaks.

  • Tall Back Seat (TBS)

    Tall Back Kayak Seat latches securely to the D-rings on many of our Sea Eagle kayaks. Provides great back support and has a built-in zipper pouch on the back for storage.

  • A41 Foot Pump

    A high capacity foot pump made of durable ABS plastic that packs down for easy travel. Comes with triple styled nozzle for use on deluxe white one-way valves and pipe valves on unsupported fabric (white) hulls. Also included is a Recessed Valve Adapter for use on supported fabric (grey) hulls.

  • All-Purpose Backpack for SUPs & Kayaks

    The NEW All Purpose BACKPACK! Great for carrying: LongBoard and NeedleNose SUPs, Sports Kayaks, FastTracks, Explorers and RazorLite! With 11.5 cubic feet (326 cubic cm) of space, there's plenty of room for your Sea Eagle and more! *Be sure to check baggage restrictions prior to traveling. 

  • Kayak Carry Bag

    Kayak Carry Bag for FastTracks, Explorers, and SUP’s. This bag design is a real time saver because of the way it wraps around the boat hull. You don't have to spend time folding the boat to the exact proportions of the bag. Just roll it up, place on the open bag, and wrap the flaps around it. 

  • Kayak Stow Bag

    Material is constructed of heavy-duty 440 Denier Nylon. Made to hold kayak pump, repair kit, and skeg.

  • Slide in Skeg (Large)

    Large, removable, slide-in skeg for Stand-Up Paddle Boards, FastTrack™, RazorLite™, and Explorer kayaks.

  • Repair Kit

    Repair kit for 1000 Denier PVC boats. Includes hull repair material, tube of glue & Halkey-Roberts valve replacement tool.

  • Thigh Straps for Explorer Kayaks (Set of 2)

    Adjustable thigh straps give you more stability in rough whitewater or ocean conditions. They also help transfer the force of paddling to the water, improving speed and reducing fatigue. Fits all Explorer Kayaks.  Set of two: adjustable 53~140 cm

  • Slide-in Skeg (Swept-back)

    The Swept-back, removable slide-in skeg keeps your Sea Eagle Kayak as straight and true as the large slide-in skeg, but does not get hung up on weeds! It also allows you to paddle in shallower waters (17.8 cm).

  • Adjustable Aluminum Canoe Paddle

    This two-part, adjustable, aluminum canoe paddle is constructed using Aircraft grade aluminum for the shaft and a proprietary filled fiberglass nylon blade to add a new standard of strength to polymer blades. 

  • Manual Select Double/Single Action SUP Pump w/ Pressure...

    This SUP (Stand Up Paddle) Pump’s special design allows for low effort and quick inflation. Made with a reliable and strong aluminum shaft, the SUP Pump comes equipped with hose, recessed one-way valve adapter and a conveniently located in-line pressure gauge. The pump has 2 options: single action (high pressure down stroke only) and double action (both...

  • Dual Action Auto Two Stage SUP Pump w/ Pressure Gauge

    This SUP (Stand Up Paddle) Pump’s special design allows for low effort and quick inflation. Made with a reliable and strong aluminum shaft. The SUP Pump comes equipped with hose, recessed one-way valve adapter and a conveniently located, easy visible, in-line pressure gauge. SUP Pump capable of inflating to 11.6 psi.

  • BTP Two Stage Electric Turbo Pump

    This two-stage pump will rapidly inflate with a high capacity turbine blower and then switch to a high pressure piston pump to pressurize the hull from 1 to 14.5 PSI. With a full battery charge, you can easily inflate our largest boat several times over.  

  • SEJ Towel

    The Sea Eagle Japan towel was designed to help clean and dry your inflatable boat for storage and transportation. The microfiber cloth is safe for your boat, body, car, and even the environment and cleans with water, not harmful chemicals. The compact towel and carry bag weighs just 74 grams.

  • Middle Wood/Web Seat (TC16)

    The tapered shape of this ash wood seat fits perfectly into the 2020 or newer Travel Canoe. Comfortable seating that conforms to you for a more traditional canoeing experience.