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Slices Through Water

The patented NeedleNose™(US Patent #8,821,204) Stand Up Paddleboard gives you the performance of a rigid board with the convenience of an inflatable. Aptly named, the NeedleNose™ features a razor-sharp, wave-piercing bow, elegant curved touring shape with a straight-line, and NO UPTURN hull design. These features make the NeedleNose™ SUPs the fastest, sleekest, and best inflatable SUPs in the world.

Say goodbye to unnecessary airline fees and damaged boards from rough baggage handling. These boards weigh between 10 and 12.7 kg, are incredibly durable, and were designed to be checked as baggage.

Make sure to check out the all-new racing model NN126r. It is 10 cm (4") narrower than the regular NeedleNose iSUPs, making it super fast. Just ask Marta Hogen of Okinawa. She has been getting in the top 3 in her races since changing to the NN126r.

Best For:

  • Rivers
  • Lakes
  • Bays
  • Speed

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  • NeedleNose™ 126 SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard)

    Sea Eagle's NeedleNose™ 126 is 381 cm long, 76 cm wide, and 15 cm thick, but weighs only 14 kg! Now featuring a New Full Length Electric Pattern Diamond Deck EVA Foam Pad, convenient built-in paddle saving PaddlePocket™ and a low profile slide in Swept Back Skeg! This is the world's best tracking inflatable SUP ever! Best suited for those weighing 102...

  • NeedleNose™ 14 SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard)

    The NeedleNose™ 14 is 427 cm long, 76 cm wide, and 15 cm thick, but weighs only 15 kg. Whether you choose to sit or stand, the NeedleNose™ 14 is sure to have everything you're looking for. It features a breakthrough, patented design with a straight-line hull, wave-piercing bow (US Patent #8,821,204), sleek touring shape, Electric Pattern Diamond Deck EVA...