How to Follow the Instructions:

As you watch the video, you can read the main points below. There are also photos and video caption times to help you keep your place. PAUSE and PLAY as you go.

  1. (0:05) The Sea Eagle Frameless Pontoon 285 Inflatable Boat is an ultra-portable, lightweight, rugged fishing boat that can take you just about anywhere, including hard-to-reach fishing spots.
  2. (0:23) There are a few one-time light assembly requirements, but all you need is a Philips screwdriver. 
  3. (0:30) If you have the Deluxe Fishing Seat, install the valve bodies onto the valve base. Put the retaining rings over the valve base. 
    • You only need to do this once.
    • Helpful Hint: put the valve body with the retaining ring in warm water for a few minutes to make the plastic softer and easier to put on the valve base.

    Then, screw the valve body into the valve base and remove the cap.

  4. (0:42) Insert the large adaptor of the pump into the valve and inflate until the seat is firm.
  5. (0:49) If you have the Wise Swivel Seat, attach it by turning the swivel 45 degrees.
  6. (0:55) Line-up the pedestal and secure it with the 4 short bolts and wing nuts that come with the Wise Swivel Seat. Make sure they are on tight.
  7. (1:08~1:30) Attach the seat mount to the pre-drilled holes on the floorboard using the 4 long bolts. 

    * There are 2 sets of pre-drilled holes (6 holes in total). For the best performance we recommend using the first 4 pre-drilled holes closest to the front of the floorboard. Turn the floorboard on its side, and from the bottom, screw on the T-nuts. Tighten all the bolts.

  8. (1:32) Install the Scotty Mount Base by placing it on the mount. If you sit inside the boat, you should be able to read “Scotty” right side up. There is also an arrow the reads “INBOARD.” The arrow should be pointing inside the boat. Insert the 4 medium sized bolts and screw them in tightly.
  9. (2:11) These parts only need to be installed once.
  10. (2:19) Remove the cap and press and turn the valve stem a ¼ turn to the left until it pops up. It is now ready to retain air. (Since this is a one-way valve, air can go in but not come out. When the valve is in the down position, air can go in and out) 

    Put the recessed valve adaptor in the other end of the hose (You’ll find it in the orange repair kit). 

  11. (2:25) Place the hose adaptor into the valve. Turn to the right until it’s tight. 
  12. (2:35) If you have the floorboard and motor-mount, inflate the boat half way.
  13. (2:40) SEA EAGLE also has electric pumps (special order) 
  14. (2:50) Install the floorboard into the rubber locking rails.
  15. (3:00) With the boat half-way inflated, install the motor-mount.
  16. (3:11) Now, fully inflate your boat. The working pressure of the 285fpb is 3.2 PSI (22 Kpa). Only use SEA EAGLE approved pumps. Never use an air compressor.

    The A41 pump maxes out at 3.2 PSI (22 kPa), so you don’t need to worry about over-inflating your boat. Pump until it is too difficult to continue, and you have reached 3.2 PSI (22 kPa).

  17. (3:20) Slide the Wise Swivel Seat into the seat mount.
  18. (3:25) Assemble the oars by snapping them together. Then put them in the oarlocks, secure them with the retaining nuts, and Velcro to the boat.
  19. (3:40) Attach the Scotty Rod Holder by directing it inwards, insert it into the base, and position it to your liking.
  20. (3:52) Attach the Bow Stow Bag by clipping it to the 4 clips on the bow of the boat.
  21. (4:00) Clip on the Striping Apron and the Side/Stern Stow Bag in the same way.
  22. (4:15) Whenever using an electric motor, be sure to use a battery power center with an inline fuse or circuit breaker. Never attach a motor directly to a battery as this could result in a fire.

Have fun in your new Sea Eagle boat!