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Travel Canoe™ 16

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The World's First High Pressure All Drop Stitch Rigid Inflatable Canoe has arrived!

Say goodbye to heavy, unstable, tippy, nearly impossible to store and transport traditional canoes! The Patented Sea Eagle Inflatable Travel Canoe™ packs down small enough for a small car truck or closet with room to spare and sets up in less than 10 minutes!  

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Supplier: Sea Eagle Japan (Kansai)
Shipped from Kansai, delivered in 2-3 days

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¥190,000 (tax included)

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The Travel Canoe™ 16 (TC16) has accomplished feats well beyond reach of traditional canoes:
* It is a completely buoyant and unsinkable canoe.
* Easy to upright and re-enter from the water.
* 33% lighter than comparable canoes.
* Has incredible stability: stable enough to stand in.
* Bow/stern molds that slice through the water.
* Full length flat planing surface area designed to create lift and reduce drag enabling paddling speeds up to 8 km/h.
* Full-length double chine system.
* Removable rear skeg to enhance tracking and increase stability.
* Three separate air chambers for additional safety.

The TC16 is perfect for lakes, bays, and is rated for up to Class 4 whitewater rivers.

Top, Front & Side Views

  • Travel Canoe™ 16 top view
  • Travel Canoe™ 16 side view
  • Travel Canoe™ 16 front view

Key Features

Patented All Drop Stitch Contruction Creates The Shape Of Traditional Canoes Patented All Drop Stitch Contruction Creates The Shape Of Traditional Canoes

The flat three-inch (8 cm) thick high-pressure (up to 10 psi/69 kPa) side and floor chambers create a narrow, rigid and extremely spacious canoe. This construction system allows us to literally reinvent the traditional canoe in a unique inflatable form and provides previously impossible benefits. Greater safety, incredible stability, and incomparable portability with no sacrifice to paddling performance. U.S. Patent 9,452,809

Double Chine System For Triple Stability And Improved Tracking Double Chine System For Triple Stability And Improved Tracking

The Travel Canoe is more stable than many traditional canoes because of the Double Chines that run the entire length of the canoe. All canoes have some form of primary and secondary stability. The Travel Canoe actually has three forms of stability. The two distinct chines along with the flat bottom contribute to stability, speed and tracking of the Travel Canoe. The first chine is formed where the drop stitch inflatable floor meets the drop stitch inflatable sidewalls. The second chine comes from the angle of the drop stitch inflatable sidewalls. This results in primary stability from the flat bottom, secondary stability from the first chine and additional stability from the second chine.

Diamond Deck Pads For More Secure Footing Diamond Deck Pads For More Secure Footing

To provide safe and secure footing when getting in and out of the Travel Canoe we have added a layer of diamond pattern anti-skid EVA foam decking. This not only makes this canoe safer to stand on (especially when fishing and casting) it adds an additional layer of protection to the floor. To secure the optional drop stitch inflatable seats while providing maximum adjustability (for one, two or three paddlers) additional d-rings have been added to hold a durable nylon strap that keeps the seat in place.

Safer Because Of Inherent Buoyancy Safer Because Of Inherent Buoyancy

Unlike traditional rigid canoes, our Travel Canoe has added buoyancy from the inflatable air chambers of the floor and sides. This means while adhering to the Travel Canoes specifications it will not sink. In addition, because the air chambers have inherent buoyancy you can load this canoe with hundreds of pounds of supplies and still paddle and maneuver easily. Best of all this inherent buoyancy makes the Travel Canoe safer in whitewater rapids (up to Class 4).

Bow And Stern Molds Combined With Rear Removable Skeg For Speed And Tracking Bow And Stern Molds Combined With Rear Removable Skeg For Speed And Tracking

The Travel Canoe features bow and stern molds that cut through the wind, water, waves and current while creating lift reducing drag and friction. The added feature of the low-profile removable rear skeg further improves speed and tracking because the skeg reduces the natural yaw of a canoe and makes forward motion far more efficient. The skeg is designed for use on open water and windy conditions. It can be removed in seconds for use on whitewater or when using the J-stoke.

Packs Into A Bag And Fits Into A Small Car Trunk Packs Into A Bag And Fits Into A Small Car Trunk

Not only is the Travel Canoe 33% lighter than rigid canoes of the same class but it also deflates and packs down to a mere 1/4 of its inflated size. This means the Travel Canoe will fit easily into the smallest car trunk for both easy storage and transport, making it readily available for use at all times.

TC16K Standard Features

  • Patented High Pressure (up to 10 psi/69 kPa) All Drop Stitch Construction
  • 2-3 Movable and Adjustable Inflatable Drop Stitch Seats with backrests
  • Front & Rear Spray Skirts with Front and Rear Carry Handles
  • 3 Independently Separate High Pressure Drop Stitch Chambers for added safety
  • 4 Open and close drain valves at the stern for removal of water when on shore.
  • 12 D-Rings for securing seats at various locations
  • 2 Conveniently located Diamond Patterned Non-Slip EVA Foam Deck Pads
  • 2 Center Carry Handles
  • 3 One-Way Air Valves
  • Fits in a bag
  • Rated for up to Class 4 whitewater
  • Printed instructions
  • Patented Plastic Bow and Stern Molds that cut through the water increasing tracking
  • Fully Constructed with Drop Stitch Technology
  • Small Removable Rear Skeg for excellent tracking in shallow waters
  • NMMA Certified
Model SizeExteriorInteriorDeflatedTubeWeight (kg)CapacityAir PressureSetup Time

Travel Canoe™ 16 (TC16)

488 x 96.5 cm 462 x 63.5 cm 102 x 61 x 41 cm 28~51 x 7.6 cm 27.2 415 kg (2~3 adults) 10 psi (69 kPa) 7~9 min

Press Review

Fishing Tackle Retailer Magazine Logo

Sea Eagle Just Reinvented the Canoe.
— Fishing Tackle Retailer

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Fish Alaska Magazine Logo

Three inflatable air chambers provide incredible buoyancy making the TC16 impossible to sink.
— Fish Alaska Magazine

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Gear Institute Logo

Infinitely easier to transport and store than those behemoths we try to gracefully strap to the roofs of our cars.
— Gear Institute

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Canoeroots Magazine Logo

The TC16 boasts double wall construction for great durability, a super rigid construction, a double chine system that offers extra stability and superior tracking, and the option to combine with a skeg.
— Canoeroots Magazine

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Travel Canoe™ - Manual

Owner’s Manual Travel Canoe™

Download (864.4k)

Package Details

Wood/Web Seats BasicTravel Canoe™ 16 (Wood/Web Seats Basic)

The TC16 Basic Package with Wood/Web seats is the perfect choice for those who have their own paddles and want a more traditional feeling canoe. Easy to transport, easy to pack, easy to stow, safer on the water, ready to go!

This Wood/Web Seats Basic Package Includes:

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Wood/Web Seats 2 Person Start UpTravel Canoe™ 16 (Wood/Web Seats 2 Person Start Up)

A great package for two! Fits in any trunk and can be checked as luggage (check airline requirements). Perfect for lakes, rivers and bays. Go cross country or a few miles from home. Now available with traditional Wood/Web seats!

This Wood/Web Seats 2 Person Start Up Package Includes:

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Tim Chapman


The TC 16 is the best inflatable canoe I have seen. It packs into my 23 ft Wennebago motor home along with all the gear I need. I tested it at Flamingo in Everglades National Park after Hurricane Irma left debris and obstacles. I inflated with the manual pump, set it on a light collapsible dolly with an ice chest, 3 tackle bags, 4 rods, the pump, patch kit, 2 paddles and a foam paddling block, GPS/Hand Held Marine two way radio and big spray.

The wind was 20 mph and in those conditions, the area can be the harshest environment in the US.

I wheeled the loaded canoe 1/8 of a mile, drug it through Mangrove mud to launch and fished mangrove islands and caught Sea Trout.

The canoe handled perfectly while I sat on my knees resting my rear on the paddle block.

The seats were useless because the proper way to paddle a canoe is on your knees not on a seat. The seats do not attach well, move around and only allow for ameture paddling. Canoe is a five stars but the seats are 2 Stars. Great Canoe.


Johannes Niederberger


It's been a great canoe. We took it on a 12 day, 185 mile float down the Yellowstone River. It handled very well and didn't have any issues with it (very robust). The river was up higher than usual so there some nice class II and a few class III rapids to go through. The boat performed very well. The only complaint I have is the weight of the hull. Its listed as being 60 lbs on the website but mine weighs 74 lbs with the cover (without the seats or fin). 70 lbs is the limit for a normal check bag for airlines so it makes it quite expensive to travel with by air. Prior to the next trip I will see if there is any way of shedding some weight.

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Travel Canoe™ 16

Travel Canoe™ 16