AB50 Paddle Expand

AB50 (244 cm, 1 kg, 2-Part Paddle)

Sea Eagle




The Featherweight AB50 at 1 kg is a double ended paddle with a Carbon-Fiberglass shaft and asymmetrical spoon blades. This super strong paddle has great balance and allows kayakers to paddle longer distances.

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Supplier: Sea Eagle Japan (Kansai)
Shipped from Kansai, delivered in 2-3 days

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¥18,900 (tax included)

Product Details

  • 244 cm long
  • Just 2.41 lbs (1 kg)
  • Offers featherweight paddling ease
  • Great balance and uncompromising strength and durability
  • Made with asymmetrical spoon blades 
  • Super light, super strong carbon fiberglass shaft
  • Snap button for flat, left or right feathering
  • Disconnects into two parts with snap lock buttons



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