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SEA EAGLE's Inflatable Fishing Boats are roomy, lightweight, ultra-portable, pack into a small bag, and can be stowed in small spaces.

Great for lakes, rivers, bays, creeks or almost any body of water, these inflatable fishing boats will take you where you want to go and where many other boats cannot get to.

Because they are equipped with universal Scotty™ Mounts, you can customize these inflatable fishing boats as you wish. Outfit them with multiple rod holders, sounder mount, anchor lock, running lights, bait board or cup holders. SEA EAGLE offers an assortment of Scotty™ accessories to suit your needs. If you don’t see what you want on this site, email us and we’ll get it for you.

フレームレスフィッシングボート PackFish 7™ フィッシングボート Stealth Stalker 10 釣りボート Frameless Pontoon 285 釣りボート FishSkiff™ 16 フィッシュスキフ FoldCat™ ポンツーン 375 Explorer™ 350fx フィッシング 385fta FastTrack™アングラーカヤック インフレータブルカヌー tc16 FishSUP™ 126 フィッシングSUP フィッシングカヤック・カヌー

Frameless Fishing Boats

Ultra-light & Stable, Easy To Use Fishing Boats

Sea Eagle's Frameless Fishing Boats are roomy, lightweight, ultra-portable, pack into a small bag, and can be stowed in small spaces because they have no frames. They don't require a trailer so you can carry them to the most remote, hard-to-reach locations where fish love to hide.

Great for lakes, rivers, bays, creeks or almost any body of water. Sea Eagle Frameless Fishing Boats will take you where you want to go and where most other boats can't.

Large air chambers allow these Frameless Fishing Boats to support an incredible amount of weight, however need as little as 10 cm (4") of water; meaning you have access to shallower waters where heavier boats can't go.

The 285fpb and STS10 are equipped with universal Scotty™ Mounts so you can customize them with any Scotty accessory you like. Sea Eagle offers an assortment of Scotty™ accessories to suit your needs. The PackFish™ 7 features 2 built-in rod holders to keep your rods secure.

Best For:

  • Bays
  • Fishing
  • Lakes

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Fishing Kayaks

Magnify Your Fishing Capabilities

Sea Eagle currently has 2 models of fishing kayaks:
* Fishing Explorer 350fx
* FastTrack Angler 385fta

Truly rugged, high quality, inflatable fishing kayaks. Designed by and for fishermen who wish to adventure outside traditional methods to catch more fish of a larger variety that are nearly impossible to catch on other fishing kayaks.

Say goodbye to costly boat, trailer, fuel and ramp fees. No more smell of gas to deter fish. Get rid of toxic fumes and water pollution. Minimize setup time and avoid crowded boat ramps and inaccessible shorelines.

Now you can silently glide right where the trophy fish are. The portability and convenience of these inflatable kayaks let you stow them in your car trunk, always ready to go.

Enjoy all the features of these incredible kayaks, including the FastTrack's™ patented state of the art, external, rigid, inflatable keel, made of thick, nearly indestructible hull material, non-slip protective padding, built-in: rod, tool, hook and lure holders; built-in Fish Rulers (in inches) and more. (U.S. Patent #8,286,573 2)

Best For:

  • Fishing
  • Bays
  • Lakes

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FoldCat™ Fishing Boats

Go into waterways other boats can’t

The Sea Eagle FoldCat™ features a patented folding system allowing this inflatable pontoon boat to be fully assembled in just minutes. When fully inflated, lightweight aluminum cross-boards and underbars combine to create a rigid fishing platform giving anglers a full access deck. This boat is ideal for two anglers to stand and cast in all directions.

The full fabric floor with the aluminum cross boards will hold any electric batteries, fishing tackle, tackle boxes or fishing lures you may have. Even if you drop something, it will be okay falling on the fabric floor. Best of all, this boat comes equipped with comfortable, padded 360° swivel seats, oarlocks, and a motor mount which allows you to paddle, motor and fish.

(U.S. Patent 7,240,634)

Best For:

  • Fishing
  • Bays
  • Lakes

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Fishing SUP

A Versatile Fishing Platform

The New Sea Eagle FishSUP™ (Fishing Inflatable SUP) is the most versatile stand up paddle board in the world. Sit, stand, fish, motor, troll - designed for fishermen always on the go.

The portable and affordable FishSUP™ is incredibly stable due to it's unique design and is easy to use. Sets up in under 10 minutes and can be outfitted with an electric trolling motor.

Say goodbye to lugging around a heavy boat and trailer plus the unnecessary fees. And say hello to portability and convenience. The FishSUP™ stows in your car trunk ready to go.

Featuring a protective, non-slip EVA foam deck pad (great for standing or sitting), a built-in 36" Fish Ruler, 14 D-rings for attaching various accessories and gear, removable rear motor mount (for up to a 55 lb. thrust electric trolling motor), front laced elastic cord system (for securing gear) and 4 conveniently located grab/carry handles (for ease of transport, launching and beaching your FishSUP™).

Best For:

  • Fishing
  • Bays
  • Rivers
  • Lakes

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FishSkiff™ 16

"Roll Up & Go" Fishing Skiff

The PATENT-PENDING Sea Eagle FishSkiff™ provides you with a NEW and REVOLUTIONARY APPROACH TO FISHING. Increase your catch and target those extremely hard to reach trophy fish. Without the hassles and added costs associated with rigid hulls. A superior inflatable craft that requires no trailer and can be fished everywhere from shallow to deep water and everything in between.

Completely inflatable, portable, storable, and transportable. The FishSkiff™ can be stowed in the back of most cars and in relatively small spaces because it has no frame. It doesn't require a trailer so you can carry it to the most remote, hard to reach locations where fish hide most.

The hull design truly maximizes speed, handling, performance, stability, fuel efficiency and most importantly, safety. Nearly unsinkable and completely self-bailing with three separate independent large air-filled chambers. The FishSkiff™ will support an incredible amount of weight yet draft as little as 15 cm (6") of water.

Best For:

  • Speed
  • Fishing
  • Lakes
  • Bays
  • Ocean

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  • Explorer™ 350fx Fishing Kayak

    The SEA EAGLE Fishing Explorer is a robust, beefed-up, fully accessorized version of the rugged Explorer Series. Designed by and for avid fishermen.

  • 385fta FastTrack™ Angler Kayak

    The New SEA EAGLE 385fta FastTrack™ Angler Kayak is here! A rugged, inflatable, fishing kayak. Designed for fishermen adventuring outside traditional methods to catch fish.

  • FishSUP™ 126

    It's time to think differently! The new SEA EAGLE FishSUP™ 126 will elevate your fishing to a whole new level. Giving you that extra advantage over your fellow anglers. Now you can silently glide right where the trophy fish reside.This incredibly stable, bow to stern tapered, swallowtail inflatable stand up paddle board is designed specifically for...

  • FishSkiff™ 16

    PATENT-PENDING REVOLUTIONARY 16' (488 cm) one or two-person INFLATABLE FISHING SKIFF. Simply rolls up and stows. Fits in a car trunk ready to go. Made of entirely drop-stitch technology, like that of inflatable stand up paddle boards, which has all the benefits of a rigid hull minus the excessive burdens and added cost. NO trailer, NO ramps, NO expensive...

  • FoldCat™ Pontoon 375

    The 375fc FoldCat™ inflatable one or two-man pontoon fishing boat, with patented folding frame design, is a lightweight, portable, fuel efficient, large platform fishing boat for two that packs easily into a car and does not require a trailer.

  • Frameless Pontoon 285 Fishing Boat

    The Pro Package has the super-comfortable swivel seat, floorboard, motor-mount, a stripping apron, clip-on stow pouch and side/stern bag, plus 2 Scotty® Rod Holders. Perfect for the fisherman that already has his own motor. The unique U-hull configuration of this one-man fishing boat provides the maximum fishing space with the least amount of hull...

  • Stealth Stalker 10 Fishing Boat

    The Hunter Green Stealth Stalker 10 is a new kind of fishing boat equipped for use in various fishing conditions: on rivers, lakes, and bays, or in calm or rough weather. Comfortable for two or easily handled by one!  Designed for the pros, featuring two removable 360° swivel seats on 18 cm (7") pedestals, 4 Universal Scotty® Mount Pads, 4 Universal...

  • PackFish 7™ Fishing Boat

    SEA EAGLE PackFish7™ is a unique, ultralight, incredibly portable, one-man fishing boat that can be used in two ways: (1) fish for hours while sitting on the comfortable inflatable Deluxe Fishing Seat. (2) standing with the wooden floorboard which provides stable and ample standing area for both sight fishing and casting.